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Fat Dog
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rescue don't breed

Today Fat Dog and I would like to share something that is very close to our hearts. Rescue vs. breeding, and the responsibility of bringing an animal into your home. As you can see, by my pics that we have 6 dogs in our family. All of them, including Fat Dog are rescues, and all of them are spayed and neutered. I take metrolink to work everyday and often I overhear other riders talking about buying a dog, cat or bird. Of course since I am not shy, I jump right in. I cannot emphasize enough about the over abundance of animals in our shelters, especially in light of the current economic crisis. I also have several parrots that have found there way to my house. All of them had prior homes and for one reason or another, those homes could no longer care for them. There are literally thousands of animals that needs homes. Please do not "buy" an animal, please please please rescue. There is nothing more wonderful than opening up your home and heart to an animal in need. I cannot begin to tell you how great it is to be greeted every day by my animals. They ask for nothing in return except to be loved, but give so much more back. If you are unable to open your home to a rescued animal, please think about supporting your local rescue or shelter. Anything helps from monetary support to food, blankets, litter, etc. And please spay and neuter your animals, so that the number of animals does not keep growing out of proportion to the number of homes available to care for them. Fat Dog and I thank you:)

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  1. fat dog is very wise!
    me and the hairy and feathery crew totally agree