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Fat Dog
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cherish your loved ones

This weekend I received some very sad news. My friends husband passed away. Suzanne and I met on the Metrolink. We took the train together everyday. She worked in Irvine and I work in Cypress. About a year ago, her company moved locations and she no longer had to take the train. Suzanne is a lovely woman and we all loved to hear her talk about her husband, Dave. They had been married for almost 40 years, but to hear her talk about him, you would think they were newlyweds. I had not spoken with Suzanne in quite a while, and now I am sad that we will be brought together again under these circumstances. Suzanne is so young to be widowed and my heart is breaking for her. I hope that in time her heart ache will be eased with the wonderful memories her and Dave made together. Please hold Suzanne in your thoughts today. Take a moment to let your loved ones and friends know how much they mean to you. Life is short.

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  1. Hello from Ohio! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am a California Girl forced to live in the frozen Midwest! Well. I was born in Santa Ana in 1960 and forced to move back to Ohio in 62...what can I say if I had know in 2010 a second ice age would be beginning I would've put up more resistance. Your Furkids are too cute. We have a Norwegian Elkhound, Shadow, who is part of your Fa...Fluffy...Dogs 'expressive' club..yippee..butt...it's not often.
    I'm sorry about your friends loss. I do hope you visit again and stop to talk. Now that know where you area I will definately be popping in often.
    Take care.