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Fat Dog
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Monday, June 14, 2010

YMCA and too much wine

Several times a year I get together with my train buddies (we all take metrolink to work) and have a wild party. I had forgotten about this party, until my friend emailed me the link to it today. The video brought it all back to me. EEK!!! We had a blast. Hubs and I brought along our 10 CD collection of 70's music. Can you say Disco till you drop!! LOL Well this is what happens when you have a bit too much Sangria, turn on 70's music and get a bunch of 50+ year olds together in one room. I am the chubby one with the black and orange top, short hair and glasses. I also do not know how to do the YMCA arms. Hubs gave me a lesson after the fact. Oh well, I had fun anyway:)



  1. Um, compared to the woman in the blue and black horizontal striped shirt, you've got those arm movements down to a T! Your C is a little off, but hey, that could chalked up to the wine.

  2. Girl you can dance- looks like a blast!

  3. Let's see... a few observations...

    1. You just can't be in our age group and hear that song without joining this dance in some form or another! I know this because I was sitting at my desk doing it with with my wrists against the keypad as I watched. LOL

    2.By the end, YOUR letters pretty much looked like cursive....


    3. AT LEAST you weren't hanging out by your "stripper pole". Just sayin'...

  4. TOO much fun! I'm now following your blog...anyone who mentions wine and dancing is a friend of mine. I absolutely loved the video, you brought a smile to my face and it's been a rough week. :)