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Fat Dog
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Twinkle Toes

This past weekend my Mom and Sister came over for a visit. We decided we needed to hit the local antique/junk stores. My friend Debra has a great thrift store called Thrifty Treasures. My sister found some great linens that she is going to use in her quilt making. I found my passion - shoes. Now everyone who knows me wonders why I have a shoe passion. Because I have ugly feet. I mean really really really ugly feet. And they are hard to fit feet also. I cannot wear open toe pretty shoes. I cannot wear high shoes. Basically I get ugly closed flat shoes. Although I do have one pair of three inch closed toe mules that I am wearing today. Not sure why, because after 10 minutes they kill me. But they make me feel pretty and they actually fit my very very very ugly feet. I used to go for pedicures and try to make my feet pretty. But the pedicurist brought over all the other pedicurist to look at my feet, and they giggled and pointed.  I can only take so much abuse. Even my family does not like my feet. The dogs like my feet, but I am not sure that is saying much because they also like horse poop, their own poop, and basically anything disgusting. Well enough about the feet. What I found at the thrift store was the most adorable baby shoes and ballet shoes. I saw them across the room and the heavens opened. I ran full speed. I might have even knocked someone over to get to them. The sweetest tiniest pair of little white patent leather Mary Janes. A pair of well worn tiny ballet slippers. I held them and wondered what the sweet little ballerina looked like that wore these treasures. My mom came over and told me that I had almost the exact same little Mary Janes when I was a baby. Oh my gosh, you mean at one time my feet were tiny and sweet??? Really, are you sure?


  1. In response to your question: "Just lucky I guess."

  2. HAHAHA! Sorry... but that is too funny about giggling pedicurists. I often wonder exactly what it IS that they are bantering back and forth in their foreign tongue myself.

    Love the shoes that you found. I actually have each daughter's first pair of ballet slippers that I saved. They are so cute. (sniff)

    I think the colorful patterned flats out there are your way to go right now. They cover the feet, aren't high, and give you a little pizzaz.

    ... or maybe we're just wearing them down here in Dixie?

    Good post!

  3. Love ballet shoes...wished I had my daughter's, but I just have a painting I did of them.

  4. I have been on the lookout for some old ballet shoes for awhile with no luck....lucky you!!
    Happy WW!

  5. You are hilarious! Good to be able to laugh at ourselves. Those ballet shoes are a rare find!