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Fat Dog
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Treasures Everywhere

Lately I have been finding treasures everywhere. Some have been sent to me in the mail and some have been found at my favorite place in the entire world. Craigslist. I adore craigslist. If I could, I would marry Craigslist and have lots of little baby craigs, or would they be baby lists???? My hubs on the other hand, does not love Craigslist. Mainly because everytime I find a new treasure he has to go and pick it up. The last two treasures have changed his life. The first one was so heavy that he can now sing in the Vienna Boys Choir, and the second treasure has him crawling rather than walking upright. It was even heavier! I told him to get over it. Ancient Man took thousands of years to walk upright, he should be there in about a week and 20 or so muscle relaxers. The treasure I got in the mail, was an envelope stuffed chock full of vintage doilies. My absolute favorite. I collect vintage linens, and this wonderful "secret" friend knew that and sent me this wonderful treasure. My second treasure is an absolutely gorgeous distressed white dresser which is now being used to house our HUGE big screen tv. I live in Southern CA and we have earthquakes. When the last one hit, the first thing that hubs did was run to the HUGE big screen tv. He done good. That thing cost a bundle. Tried to find a big screen on craigslist, but no luck. The third treasure is a handpainted China Hutch. That is the treasure that finally sent hubs over the edge. When he managed to peel himself off the floor, he said some very not nice, or politically correct, things to me. I have forgiven him. Not sure if he has forgiven me, but he can't run after me, since well he can barely walk, so it really doesn't matter. Anyway, without further ado, here are my treasures:)


  1. I never even check craigslist for things; how crazy is that?!? I'm sorry that hutch wiped out your husband's back. I literally feel his pain.

    We have a huge flatscreen TV in our future and I love the idea of a chest like that for it. Oooh what cool finds. You done good.

  2. OK when I stopped giggling about the Vienna boys choir... I was able to admire your treasures. Indeed... good haul all the way around.

    I think they should be Little Craigs. Or maybe Craig juniors.

  3. Amazing goodies - each and every one of them!!! I've never purchased anything on Craigslist - but then again, I don't really need anything. I get a lot of fun out of just looking at stuff. I know - if I visited a shrink, he'd probably say "That's really messed up."
    Happy day to you, Beverly!!!

  4. Oh I so love your hutch! What a find! And the vintage kitchen jar, and the ball jar.... And the pictures of all your cuties too! :) :)

    I like Craigslist too-- I look there first when I "need" something.